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On Flexibility and Pain


One of the most rewarding life projects that I've undertaken in recent years has been the development of my overall flexibility and spinal health. It wasn't until later in life, having endured periods of chronic pain and sustained several serious injuries, that I realized the fundamental importance of flexibility. In true form to the nature of good health, which I believe is essentially a complex system of feedback loops, flexibility affects everything, not least of which is the propensity to become injured, and the trajectory of recovery. Herein are some high-level recommendations around flexibility and back health, as the salve to what ails you.

Living Dangerously


Have you ever wanted to utilize native <script /> within your React components, and just wanted a quick and easy solution? Before you reach for a lifecycle function, an Effect, or an effigy, try living dangerously, with React's <dangerouslySetInnerHTML />!

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